Is Techinn Legit

It’s legit. The issue is, they don’t have the product on hand. That’s why the delivery dates are so far away. It’s back ordered so when they receive it, they’ll mail it.

Where is Techinn com located? TECHINN is a company based out of OLD STANHOPE ROAD FLAT 609 SEVEN MILES SOUTH, CAPE TOWN, Western Cape, South Africa.

Is Silicon nerd a legit company? People can make their purchases in many different items and get the details of the messaging partner as well. The website, however, lacks authenticity; we couldn’t see any personal data of the website, and even the address mentioned on the website is not legit.

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Is grooves land a legitimate website?

They are legit, but be very careful of them.

Is grooves Inc legit Reddit?

Are they legit? Yes. Ordered from them in the past. No problems, other than the shipment taking an ungodly long time (like a month).

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