Is Kinguin Legit

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Is Kinguin a legit site Reddit? Kinguin is just a market place, so it’s generally safe, but you can never be sure if the key was obtained legally in the first place. Ive sold keys on it personally, usually unwanted keys from Humble Monthly. It’s kind of semi illegal.

Is Gamebillet legitimate? Is Gamebillet Legit? … Currently, Gamebillet has very few reviews on Trust Pilot, but the few on there are overwhelmingly positive. Its overall review rating is at 4.8 with 402 reviews in total, with an excellent rating of 92% and a bad rating of 0%.

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Does Kinguin refund?

Buyer Protection

Sellers agree that Kinguin may debit buyer refunds to their accounts. … If the seller does not provide a method for refunds to Kinguin, we may recover any sums payable to us through other payment mechanisms, including collection agencies.

Are Kinguin keys legal?

Yes, Kinguin is legit. It is totally legal to resell game keys for below regular retail prices, and Kinguin serves as a legit marketplace for 3rd parties to sell keys that they have acquired. If you purchase a product key that is invalid, Kinguin will refund your money.

Can you get scammed on Kinguin?

If, to you, legit means that buying a Windows key or game key is legal, then the answer is that Kinguin is mostly not legit. If, to you, legit, means that you can get a Windows key or game key from Kinguin and it will actually work, then the answer is that Kinguin is somewhat legit.

Is Kinguin OK to use?

With Buyers Protection Program

Kinguin says the safest way to use their service is in conjunction with their BPP (Buyers Protection Program) which offers a safety net if anything is to go wrong between yourself and the seller. Similar to what eBay and other services provide.

Do I need Kinguin buyer protection?

Kinguin Buyer Protection (KBP) is an optional service that guarantees customers VIP service from Kinguin Customer Service. … In order to protect both merchants and consumers, Kinguin’s standard refund procedure requires the customer to wait in the support queue, and then provide a proof of a failed activation attempt.

How safe is Greenmangaming?

Green Man Gaming is a legitimate, authorized games retailer that only sells keys from publishers and official distributors. Their impressive track record and unrivaled transparency make us confident recommending them as a reliable and safe place to buy games.

How do I return a Gamebillet?

We can guarantee that all our activation keys, activations and/or download links work perfectly. Should there be a problem that our support can not solve, we will always make sure that you either get a new key as replacement or a full refund* in 48 hours. You can contact us any time to request a refund.

Is Wingamestore legit Reddit?

Pretty much overall it’s safe.

How do I buy on Kinguin?

Go to and choose your bundle. Click „Buy Now” and you’ll be redirected to checkout. Note that you can’t combine the purchase of Krowns with other purchases, in the way you can buy a couple of games or skins together.

Where is Kinguin located?


Kinguin is a global shopping platform for digital games with over 3 million satisfied customers! We are one of the largest video game e-commerce destinations worldwide. Our team has over 200 talented individuals from dozens of countries located in offices in the U.S., Poland and Bulgaria.

How do I delete Kinguin account?

Go to the following URL “” and sign-in to your account.
Once you sign-in you will be redirected to the CUSTOMER SUPPORT page. …
Once you click on a new ticket a pop-down form will be appeared on Title Box Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
More items…

Is it safe to buy game keys?

The majority of the G2A game keys come from sales, bulk deals or online marketplaces intended for other regions. Buying keys obtained in any of those ways is legal, and there is no risk to you in doing so. … You do not have the right to own a stolen game key — even if you purchased the key without knowing its origin.

Are CD keys trustworthy?

CDKeys is a website that sells digital game and membership codes at a discount to gamers looking to save money. Even though some customers may be concerned about purchasing a code from the website, CDKeys is a safe and legit way to purchase game codes.

How do I get my money back from Kinguin?

Paid and completed order – unfortunately, this means that your items were delivered. However, if you included a Buyer Protection in your purchase, you can return an unused product. Just contact us either via support ticket or LiveChat.

How long do Kinguin tickets take?

Once your payment has been accepted, you should receive a dispatch from Kinguin in about 15 minutes. But delivery is not always quick. If a staff member needs to review your payment, the dispatch can take a little more time. Any game keys that you buy are delivered via email.

How do I use Kinguin?

Sign in to Kinguin and find. products you want to buy.
Add products to your. shopping cart.
Apply Kinguin Balance during. the checkout procedure.
Complete the order and have. fun with your new games!

Are Windows keys illegal?

To be clear, any license key that was purchased with stolen payment information, or any key that was generated using a software crack, is actually illegal, whether it’s an operating system or a game. But a lot of the discount Windows keys available online aren’t acquired through such nefarious means.

Are OEM Windows keys legal?

Yes, OEMs are legal licenses. The only difference is they cannot be transferred to another computer.

Is it legal to buy OEM keys?

There’s nothing illegal about buying an OEM key, so long as it’s an official one. … So long as you’re happy to take on the responsibility of being your own technical support, then an OEM version can save a lot of money while offering an identical experience.

Can you use a prepaid card on Kinguin?

Yes, Kinguin does accept debit & prepaid cards.

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