How transfer film on TV you favor in the May holidays?

For example, I, all going to spend the May holidays at home alone, though occasionally it is necessary to relax from Humanity.And I have the opportunity, unlike married or married, who have no choice.For them, the holiday that everyday, all the same. .. all as it should be( this is the same "lucky": -) Here I am in peace and tranquility for guests, got acquainted with the "TV net" until May 11, I wrote all the movies and TV shows currentlyin a notebook, and I wanted to compare your preferences with your!Thanks for all the answers and even his short Congratulations to all( not answered) with the Spring Festival!

What are your preferences for gas hob?

Please, what covering gas hob you prefer?

Enamel, glass or stainless steel? How to clean each of the coating?