What good " kindergarten - designers "?

in Russia are going to build these LEDs .And what better than normal ?

And you know how all goes to a place in the kindergarten?

I do not understand how there is a queue for a place in a kindergarten, a year ago rose, which were on the order of those remained, and later we got up in turn, we were closer.Do not make it out, no one does not explain anything, I only know that to get into the garden, you need to either 80000 100000 whether the rub.pay head.Who is behind all this watching?To write and to ask?

How to decorate the reception room in the kindergarten?

In each group, the kindergarten has a reception room, where the kids undress, say goodbye and meet with parents. In this room, a lot of information for parents. In general, competition in our garden for the best design of this room, involving not only teachers but also parents and children. The age of our group of 4 years. What options can you offer?