Is it possible to heat the raw solid fuel boiler with wood?

So it happened that brought the trailer just truncated chestnut.Can they stoke the boiler?

Heating and cooking stove. Your choice?

Came the cold.I want next year to replace the furnace in the house, put a more modern and technologically advanced, so you can be heated and and cook on it. The house is a small, two-storey 40 squares. Drown charcoal and firewood, there is no gas and is not expected. Fuel is goes well, especially in cold weather, the neighbors about the same amount to spend on a house twice ours.I would like something more reliable, but not prohibitively expensive, it is desirable to domestic, as all import is now prohibitively expensive. What are the proposals of experts ?

Water heating transformer. An alternative to the conventional induction heating ?

Induction heating is not so new, but until now, few people have a desire to go for this type of heating.Yes, as "necessary", this alternative has its "cons" but before fossil energy sources such as gas, coal (I will not touch oil), or renewable, on the type of wood - notable advantages.And with the rate of deforestation - this resource is hardly can be fully considered renewable because, soon devoured the last trees of the jungle than in the place of the old sawmill "otrostut" young trees.It's not about that.On induction heating cons: