How to put a door?

that the door into the interior, in harmony with the walls, and so on ?

What are the side (top ) of the door frame ?

in the assembly instructions for the door ( with a box ) wrote : FROM slats ( bars ) collect the door frame, after cutting off the required standard for the top of the you ?

How to close up the balcony door ?

The room has a door to the balcony to a neighbor, or rather for them to the loggia .We have a balcony and a wall more and this door.In Soviet times, it was to serve as a fire exit, but for 20 years it boarded up .View her very horrible and ugly .How can decorate the door or close up completely, was flat to the wall, on their own, without causing spets.rabotnikov ?

Crazy Doctor - Intern - passing game Crazy Doctor on Android?

Passage Crazy Doctor Game - Crazy Doctor on Android

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How to pass Level 1( 1 door 1 patient Chapman Cacti)?

How to get level 2( 1 door 2 patient Lady Gluttony)?

How to pass Level 3( 1 door 3 patient Bruno Black)?

How to get level 4( 1 door 4 patient Vito Hall)?

How to pass 5 levels( 1, 5 door patient Everley Brain)?

How to get level 6( 1 door 6 patient Stacey White)?

How to pass the level 7( 1 door 7 patient Abe Tarou)?

How to pass 8 level( 1 door 8 patient Fitch Magic)?

How to get level 9( 1 door 9 patient Mr. Bag)?