What would you like to change for the better in their own country ?

Specify which country .And it is not like that and you want to add or change .any areas of your country

Why deceive us by saying that 58 % of the population voted (see ..) ?

against the Internet, due to its otklyucheniya.Gde and who conducted this survey?I am sure that these 58% of the ordinary naduvatelstvo.Navernoe our government does not like people who can not and do not have the right to express their claim to power, to the officials, it is expressed in the social setyah.Tam same people do not shut your mouth, you decide on thelet such nonsense as if the people themselves against interneta.Oni they want that we are back in the distant Soviet times and we had the same situation in a country like North Korea?Even though it leaves only two public channels, and released the news of the newspaper "Pravda", "Izvestia" .What people would no longer from where they could not draw informatsiyu.Tolko what they injected into their ears and all.And then the "bright future".

Why and for what appeared on television all sorts of political talk shows ?

especially on the first channel, Russia, NTV .It is not including all the sitting, screaming do not allow each other to say slovo.I all the same litsa.Osobenno where no switch is present everywhere and always screaming with foam at the mouth, Sergei Markov .He is the deputy of the "United Russia " .Ranshe that it was not like this, was a talk show about stars, but now they have gone by the wayside, the fashion was politika.Ukraina, America, Europe .

Moscow is a state within a state that?

On July 1 throughout Russia increased tariffs for housing and communal services but as noted commentator on TV except only Moskve.A why I would like to ask?The commentator did not elaborate.And very simply furious, exasperated by the fact that we are told that the type of well, rising rates but not mnogo.No want to say it depends on the region where kak.Kazhdy tariffs will only write that vystoyatsya.Eto 4.2% as well as anyone what gorazd.I still repeat that here, too, such as in Ukraine increased rates due to the fact that the country bankrot.A Russia which is also on the verge of bankruptcy, you need the shirt to remove people? it has already been an increase in the beginning of the year.Hvatit, it's time to tear up all ostanovitsya.Net, all to seize, seize.