What kind of care, the content of Tradescantia ?

Tradescantia includes many different species.Produce oxygen and purify the air of germs .How can I keep Tradescantia ( zebriny ) that they would have pleased his views ?

What to visit for an hour in Amman ?

To be

transplant in Amman (Jordan ). The interval between the flights so that there svobodnvy hour.

What kind of vegetable plants do not tolerate transplanting, and the pick ?

Carrots, for example does not tolerate transplanting, so the cultivation of seedlings through it does not make sense.

Is it possible to transplant the crop of plums ?

old plum tree, delicious berries.Will it be transplanted while maintaining the properties of the parent tree ?

Willow winding as it propagated to not pay for the transplant ?

Willow winding fashionable today the plant. It looks quite decorative, decorate the site.