Why hide cigarettes in stores, and vodka is in sight?

Or we back a law that passed through one place?Cigarettes are sold from under the counter, they can not keep in the window, and can be vodka?We have in-store cigarette removed, and recently heard talk accountant with a girl who at the store for a variety of goods watches.They are on display in a fish is beer, in packages, she says accountant - remove it, you want me to be fined.The fish can not be!And with beer, cigarettes when they removed 3 healthy crane and put 4 large refrigerator.

Why does the US have banned to show the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi ?

The US banned for showing the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi in the air, why?

What is the difference in attitude towards sex before marriage among the nations?

In all Abrahamic religions sex, to the legalization of marital relations, is prohibited.But as we see in practice - in some nations is and remains banned in force taken by the State laws, ethical and religious traditions and norms, while others, in particular in Russia, everything is going exactly the opposite.Basically, how would not argue with me right now materialists censure society premarital relations, and if there is, in the first place it comes from religious prohibitions.It turns out that one religion forbids this sin is stronger, and the other refers to this loyal?Unlikely.All Prophets called for the same.Perhaps due to the fact that where the Epistles were translated many times and interpreted prohibitions erased and become not so relevant?