Wish Book, who uses, or is about to, comments?

Go to buy a notebook or book knizhechku.Nazyvaesh its desires-write it your desires! They say they come true? Did you hear that it is necessary to write at least 300 desires come true soon like) your reviews, comments.

As if by magic to fulfill their desires?

What are the methods of execution of desire with the help of magic?

How to drink champagne under the chiming clock that wish come true ?

Do I drink to the dregs that wish come true ?

Sure to drink juice or champagne under the chiming clock as long as the chimes sounding ?Can I have a drink before, until the end of the fight?

Do I have time to drink up to the bottom, while the chimes sounding ?Or on the contrary, it is necessary that in a glass of something left after the battle slowly drink to drink ?

Or is it all does not matter at all ?

3 Goldfish - the will of your 3 - allocation, for the benefit of himself or the world (see ) ?

Every reasonable person wants something. Zagadai your 3 wishes will be directed to their well-being or in the name of justice for all mankind ?What you win - personal profit or charity ?Selfishness or altruism ?

Who knows effective plots on wish fulfillment ?

Write charms and rituals in the fulfillment of desires that you probyvali themselves, the main thing that they really worked.