Jubilee 50 years old, what to give?

my godfather anniversary, there are cars, dom.ya his head broke what to give ?Do not pet.dlya cleaner cars gave spetsialnyy.dengami also not an option .posavetuyte

Golden Gramophone : the anniversary of 20 years - when and where to watch the show or download ?

Golden Gramophone : the anniversary of 20 years, when and where to watch the show or download ?

Where do you prefer to celebrate anniversaries ?Where better to celebrate the anniversary ?

In every life happen periodically round dates .And every time I want to note it as something special to remember and recall every memory pleasant emotions .So where better to celebrate the anniversary, how?Share an interesting experience, please.

What do you know about Alexander Gorodnitsky ?

The 80th anniversary of Alexander Gorodnitsky.

A.M.Gorodnitsky born March 20, 1933 in Leningrad.During his long and productive life, he did so much, so much was the regalia, which is not listed.

Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, specialty "Geology of seas and oceans", Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Worker of Science.He

as a navigator and explorer, based on all the oceans of the planet, often down to the seabed.In addition, he persistently searched for Atlantis.He lectures on the history of Atlantis, she starred in a series of television programs about Atlantis.

Member of the Russian Writers Union.Engaged in journalism, he has published 43 books.

General public he is known as a bard, bard and patriarch of one of the founders of art song in the Soviet Union (Russia).Gorodnitsky Alexander is the President of the Association of Russian bards, Chairman of the jury of the festival Grushinskiy.Author of songs and poems (including the famous "Atlantis"), the number of which is close to 1000 .

His question I want to make a modest contribution to the congratulations of this amazing human soul.

Santa will soon be 90 years old.How to congratulate him ?

Santa WWII veteran, recently strongly " handed over", he says there is nothing he does not have that in general it is true, everything is there .But note that it would be desirable to provide ( table seating, cake, relatives come - it's all by itself) .To offer options for congratulations in the verses, he likes such things, postcard stores and re- raises to prominence .How would you his grandfather congratulated on this date ?

Hero of the day was angry : in celebration of the program were souvenirs from his picture (see ) ?

An employee ( zaman ) was the anniversary celebration for the preparation of the program have been prepared souvenirs with his image ( mug, plate, t-shirt, pendant, balls, calendars )

He was not greatly pleased and razgnevlen.

Reason is not clear.What are his thoughts visited and caused such a reaction ?