What are beauty treatments based on green tea for the face ?

Beauty treatments with green tea for the skin .What can be done and how to do ?

Is there any effect of using collagen cosmetic ?

interesting to know the opinion of those who have used collagen cosmetic ?

Which beauty treatments are best done in the morning ?

What beauty treatments do better in the morning ?

Cream can be used if it is intended for a different age?


eye cream ( for face ) is designed for people, for example, over 35 years, I am in my 29 I use it ?

Cream I designed for my age, do not help to cope with facial wrinkles.

Favorable days for the skin care of the lunar calendar in February 2015 ?


according to the lunar calendar beneficial care for the skin, in February 2015?

When favorably doing facials in February 2015?

When do favorably peels in February 2015?