How to book or buy a train ticket ?


convenient and profitable book or buy a train ticket : online or railway ticket office ?

What is the probability that all the tickets for cruises are sold ?

shipping company organizes cruises in the Mediterranean during the summer - BPE to time, and spends several cruises in the season .Tourism expert hired by the company, predicts that the probability that the ship will be full for the season, not more expensive if the dollar against the ruble is equal to 0.92, and the probability - 0.7 if the dollar will rise in price .Economists estimate that the probability that during the season the dollar will rise against the ruble, equal to 0.35 .What is the probability that all the tickets for cruises are sold ?

Who can offer an extra ticket to the concert, if you are alone ?

The basis of this problem is put a very real situation, relevant up to 14 December .At work gave complimentary tickets to the concert band visiting the capital of classical music .In this city I live recently, so friends, acquaintances, relatives, no neighbors and no.At work all obilecheny .In the second work, not to go into the details, too, at least all concerned have obilecheny .

How much is a ticket to the water park "Riviera" in Kazan in April 2014 ?

wants in the water park "Riviera", but the price do not know!For 2 adults and 2 children ?