Does anyone have a beautiful scheme for embroidery ?

topics : wedding .I want to make some decorative stuff for the wedding.I would be grateful for answers to the people who know this )))

Who became the bride of Al Pacino ?

75 year old Al Pacino first married who the bride ?

How original are to be congratulated on the wedding Young Mother of the Bride ?

Please only without vulgarity .I think over your toast, and into my head one banality type- " Be happy, help each other and so on."It will be a lot of foreign young people, our young friends .I would like to "kill" their original tostom- say, we " ancestors ", too, can "light ."Please advice.

How to dress for the wedding of friends of her husband ?


both stylish and match situation .

How to hold a wedding in the house of the groom?

In that regard, one of the parents of the young is supposed to do?