Who sponsors the TV show " Heads and Tails "?

On TV is a wonderful program " heads and tails " .Where private operators are in different countries and, depending on the side of the bracket resting fallen by $ 100, or an unlimited amount of money .Who is sponsoring this project?

Why Moscow will not be able to talk to St. Petersburg via the pipe ?

Since ancient times, known for negotiating the pipe, through which, for example, the courts send commands from the bridge to the engine room.The sound in this tube, bouncing off the walls, is not dissipated and therefore hardly weakened.Sound attenuation is so small that the tube length of 650 km could be heard in St. Petersburg, said in Moscow.About this phenomenon can be found, for example, in the article A.A.Varlamova and A.I.Malyarovskogo "Handset length of the equator?"(it is published in the journal "Quantum", 1982, N 2, s.13-18).Why not turn the residents of Moscow with the help of a pipe to talk with a friend from St. Petersburg, on the phone?

Transfer " ten years younger " need? Or not?

Will you watch it? Like such a transfer?

Today issued free time, she decided to see a zombie - box, stumbled upon this transfer. Personally, I have related to this transfer is not defined. Help me figure it out.

" Let them talk, " the release of the schoolboy - murderer : where to download the transfer ?

Where you can download the release transfer Andrey Malakhov " Let them talk " about the Moscow schoolboy killer Sergei Gordeev, who shot 3 February geography teacher and a police officer in the school ?

What is the program about funny moments with the animals ?


himself rezhisser.Gde see? Your children are watching it?