As regulated by the turning on and off lights in the streets ?

automatically, or there is a work - lights include?

Is it harmful to the dog sleep with the light ?

ask me a question here, and I do not know what to say.In humans, the dog afraid of the dark - but only in a room on the street at night walking without problems.Sleeping in a room with no windows, and it is in the corridor, he chose the place and only there.Matter what - a man must leave his nightly light, or tossing and turning, whining and can not sleep.Shines sorokovke have this form of the corridor, there is a small alcove, niche, there just so light does not fall.Harmful if so sleepy?I do not know -von stray dogs in the summer under the direct sunlight at the sontsepeke sleep, and nothing sopyat to cheer.

Why " peeps " fluorescent lighting ?

Tonight " squeaked " fluorescent lighting, although it has been turned off."Food " for a long time, more than an hour, and then stopped .I thought it was broken or burned, but it works as before .Although off a flashing somehow ...