In what the Russian countryside has always rains ?

At some Russian village, according to the well-known satirist, always rains ?

Why in Sweden farmhouses painted red ?

If you ride on Sweden you will notice that in the countryside all the red house.Why is that ?

Why the city is difficult to see the stars ?

In the village or the village and the sky is clear zvedy very well seen, look at the sky and like a fairy tale. And in a city with little difficulty you can see the stars, what is the difference ?

Healers in Russia are actually being treated for illnesses, infertility ?

From your personal experience can unsubscribe should go somewhere where they live good healers and where it is not necessary to avoid running into the charlatans ..

How many people go to live out of the cities to the countryside ?

Maybe I'm the one who thinks about it, and in recent years - more and more seriously.