But you could just as militia ?

daily watching the news, automatically start trying on the situation .Could if I just fearless as they fight for their country ?I would not chickened out ?One thing is certain: demand -feeding up for the fact that my husband did not drive to the senseless war, I would have become, but to shoot and could not fight, I guess.Although, who knows, God forbid, do not experience it for yourself.I admire these people !And you could be the way they are ?

The submarine Yasen best previous Russian submarines ?

You just entered the Russian Navy submarine series new Ash .They write that it is a new word in the world of underwater warships .And what is the principal novelty of this boat ?

In what year did during the Great Patriotic War began the Battle of the Dnieper ?

In what year during the Great Patriotic War began the Battle of the Dnieper ?

As during the war in the Soviet Union used a " non-metric " technique from the US ?

For example, repairing American cars, tanks, planes, etc., if they have all been " inch ", and we have - " metric " ?Do not grind out each time the bolts and nuts with inch thread !

What was the name of fighting the central part of the order (see ) ?

In XIV-XV centuries .in Russia began to develop methods of warfare.Battle order became divided into parts on the front and in depth, which increased maneuverability and combat power of the troops, had a full range of combat order, which consists of three parts : two side called " Wings ."What was the name of the center ?

AvtoVAZ reduced production due to the war in Ukraine?

After all, Ukraine is one of the main consumers of Russian VAZ !

The manufacturer of gasoline engines ?


very popular branded company, which has manufactured engines for German tanks in World War II .