Seen recently video about intelligent oruzhie.Chto we will( see) ?

Is it possible that all the wars in the future will be held purely among robots manage virtual and may want one country to conquer the other and cause it to match kontrstrayku) Who wins and wins in the real world) And it would be cool) Or is it all myviolent fantasy)

This humor Poroshenko, to justify the murders in Ukraine ( CM ) ?

"Light humor" that killed thousands of Ukrainians on the orders of the ATU-Chief:

Peter Poroshenko dressed in camouflage with stripe "cynical Bandera"

photograph in which he is depicted in a dress, the President of Ukraine published on Facebook and Twitter.

Pictured Poroshenko smiles and shows a gesture of approval (a clenched fist with a raised thumb).

"As long as we know how to make fun of themselves - we are invincible!" - Wrote Poroshenko, accompanied by the hashtag # TsinіchniyBandera signature.

His press secretary Svyatoslav Tsegolko commented on a photo in the following way: "To err is human, and stipulate.The main thing to have enough strength and sense of humor to admit it. "

This final shift "PHASE"?

Who is trying to freeze Ukrainians ?

Ukrainian coal Ukraine is not needed, the firing of mines continues:

of November 13, 201416: 33

After shelling at Lugansk mine filled up.Under the ground six

On mine "May Day" there was an explosion in the Luhansk region.This happened as a result of shelling.The explosion destroyed the substation, because of this, interrupted electricity supply companies.It began flooding the mine.

Reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, adopted by the miners evacuation measures from the ground.

From http: // doc.html id = 2121079


Children need a war ?


During WWII

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Asya Umarov

" The war took away my childhood and youth. .. "

South Ossetia

children of Beslan

in Ukraine ?

Sunday evening in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra yesterday was special.In the Assumption Cathedral held its first Children's prayer for peace in Ukraine.

" Lord, save Ukraine! "Children in the monastery on his knees asking God for peace and appealed to politicians