Can the Third World in the next few decades?

Gaddafi threatened to take the war to Europe.World Cup is not a reason for a new war?And suddenly, and other African countries decide to follow Gaddafi.After all, he is the leader by nature, sposbny convince many people to follow him.And in Europe, in my opinion, I bored.Probably want to cheer.And why would they violate its same resolution?France recently dropped a bunch of weapons to the rebels, under the pretext of stagnation of the revolution.Under the cameras caught sight of the British special forces with a group of the same rebels.

1941 = 2014 war again on the Mius - front?


07.25.2014 near the village Kujbyshevo.

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On the territory of Russia, about 40 shells fell on the part of Ukraine

At the same time, according to TV channel LifeNews, a shell hit the house.Primiusskogo resident farm in Rostov region with wounds delivered in pain

in August 1943 in the Donbass offensive, the troops of the Southern Front broke through the Mius-Front /1941-43gg./ - German defensive line in the area of ​​the village Kujbyshevo.

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Participated 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

July 29, 1943 in the area of ​​the fighting were transferred from the Kursk direction elite SS Panzer compounds - Division "Totenkopf",

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Her Nazi symbols

Who shoots at security officials and Ukrainians oplchentsam simultaneously?

In the Donbas

found a third belligerent

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in hostilities in the Donbass participate saboteurs who are fighting against the Ukrainian security forces and militias against.

In an interview, "Ukrainian Truth", said Colonel-General of the Ukrainian army in reserve Vladimir Ruban."Is there a third party - we( the official Kiev) so now it is called - which scatters the shells and blamed on one side or the other", - said Ruban

Who does it?

Who is interested in fratricide Ukrainians and try to disrupt nametivshisya world.

What year is World War 3? Who will be the allies of Russia?

What year is World War 3? Who will be the allies of Russia?