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Ukrainian army attacked a military factory in Donetsk

from Donetsk disturbing news keep coming.

There today heard two powerful explosions in Liberty Square.At the headquarters of the militia the NPT believe that the missile was hit in the city.

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12:36 20.09.2014

DONETSK, September 20 - RIA Novosti.Ukrainian artillery attacked a military plant in Donetsk, there began to explode ordnance, RIA Novosti

Currently, over 107 th military plant observed thick column of smoke, visible explosions occurring from time to time.Locals explained that the factory stockpiled munitions that detonated at the moment.

The house, which is located more than a kilometer from the plant, the blast blew out windows.Local residents have suggested that the impact of the plant has been put missiles "Tochka-U".

Known as the 107th Military Plant, Donetsk state factory of chemical products, located in the north-west of Donetsk, is engaged in the disposal of munitions, the manufacture of industrial explosives, including TNT, detonators

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