How to combine study and work a mother with a child ?

I have a little daughter. Her husband was gone.I study and to work.But not enough time. How can I be ? What should I do ?

Where are all still live and learn the daughter of Russian President Putin?

in the media and social networks does not end the controversy and debate that GDP daughter live and study in the West.Does anyone have any sufficiently precise information, where they live and learn Putin's daughters ?

Adaptol reviews, side effects, from what age, how long you can drink?

Adaptol reviews, side effects, with how many years( with a Strength - whether it is possible for children - teenagers), how long you can drink and how many pills a day, the recommended dose?

Can adaptol alcohol( with alcohol) with a hangover?

Helps to quit smoking easier when breaking nicotine addiction?

Adaptol can be bought over the counter or by prescription only sold in pharmacies?

How much adaptol pills - price?

Instructions for use?

Side effects?

Adaptol improves memory?

It possible to control the vehicle( driving cars) during the treatment period?

While studying the effect the pills, if sleepiness causes?

Similar tablets of action similar, analogue?

Help solve the problem on the economy 3 ?

Calculate the size of the value added tax on goods, works and services for which prices are set with the inclusion of VAT, based on the following data :

taxpayer received an advance on account of future deliveries of sugar in the amount of 110,000 thousand rubles.. and paid with a foreign organization that is not registered with the tax authority, for the construction of production facilities in the amount of 1300000 thousand. rub.

For rent municipal room paid 60,000 thousand. Rub.

Tell me how to prepare for the session if ( cm) ?

You have on hand year-old child, on you the whole house ( ie get out, eat, prepare, pogolad ) .Not help anyone, my husband works in shifts and come home nothing makes lying and watching TV .Even if it is five minutes to leave the child, the child immediately begins to cry because I was losing .Discussions with her husband do not help, he thinks that I do not get tired and do not have nothing to do at home .

What to do if you can not come to the exam?

situation is this : the teachers said that the session will end as usual.I was going to leave after a session break .It now appears that at this time assigned multiple examinations.