What will happen if the speakers are connected via a step-up transformer?

What happens if the speakers are connected via a step-up transformer?

Why Moscow will not be able to talk to St. Petersburg via the pipe ?

Since ancient times, known for negotiating the pipe, through which, for example, the courts send commands from the bridge to the engine room.The sound in this tube, bouncing off the walls, is not dissipated and therefore hardly weakened.Sound attenuation is so small that the tube length of 650 km could be heard in St. Petersburg, said in Moscow.About this phenomenon can be found, for example, in the article A.A.Varlamova and A.I.Malyarovskogo "Handset length of the equator?"(it is published in the journal "Quantum", 1982, N 2, s.13-18).Why not turn the residents of Moscow with the help of a pipe to talk with a friend from St. Petersburg, on the phone?

Does sound Handset lost at a large distance (more) ?

, This phrase will hear people in Novosibirsk, or the sound is muted until the stretch will go if negotiating pipe instance from Moscow to Novosibirsk, and say to her what some ice ?

Which string sound longer?

If you hit on different strings, which will continue to be heard ?

Why so loud at night cats purr ?

Day this sound is perceived as pleasant and not loud rumbling, but if this parasite night crept under your ear, then it can only be compared with the hammer in the hands of a neighbor. We have to pack it under the covers, nor any kind, and soundproofing.