In which case, you can tell the person the phrase "none of your damn business?"

Recently I had a situation.

On the bench kuchkovalis gaggle of young kids.I passed by a man and asked them what time it is.One girl from the company told him: " none of your damn business ".The whole style company laughed out loud.

Is it funny joke?

In some other cases, a person can speak, that " is not your damn business "?__eleven_

What an interesting case occurred to you in the New Year ?

Or unusual, memorable, it happened on New Year's Eve or New Year

" Happiness was so possible ... " - sorry for you (see ) ?

Cases are not sold .What is being done in the future !?We reserve the dream ?

Football.Goals scored by hand.Who scored ?Where to look?

in football history were cases scorer hand .Where, when and what games ?