Help with the selection of the camera?

Hi, I need help.I want to buy a digital camera up to 5 thousand.I need so that was probably a good stabilizer or something else, I sometimes shake hands. .. some look better fotoaaparat, what to look for? I want to have good quality pictures.

I like to take pictures.I photographed only on the phone.

I Want camera.

Thanks to those who respond and help, advise

I want to buy Nikon D800E + Carl Zeiss...interesny opinion !?

I want to buy Nikon D800E. ..those who are interested in reviews of this camera works.And I wonder whether to take Lenses Carl Zeiss, such as Carl Zeiss Planar 85 mm f1.4 T ZF in an alternative AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f1.4G?Manual focus is not scary.On the contrary it is a plus ). : The purpose of portrait, fashion, objects and items + landscape. From experience, he worked with the Canon 1Ds))) So iskuschenny user !

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