What antibacterials best cleanse the skin?

What are some good cleansing antibacterial products for the face, preferably cheap, that really help?

After cleansing of the aura in the room can accumulate less dust?

Dust on the floor, the furniture and the rest of the week before harvesting.

Have you encountered during the transition to vegetarianism with these things ?

Know that many internal sores in the transition to vegetarianism, and other toxins go outside and manifest on the skin, such things rarely delitsya..u I observed peeling and darkening of the skin in the area loktey..seychas everything went, the skin cleansed, I observeNow a small rash in zheludka..nebolshie specks of various shapes as well shelushatsya..gde can find information about these manifestations ?

What cleaning products are indispensable in the kitchen ?

What is useful to have in the kitchen, to carry out timely and quality cleaning ?