When can I stop to feed the birds outside of the trough?

the winter feeding sparrows and tits out of the trough .When you can finish the feeding, they will go to grass ?

How to give the cat food, so he lost weight?

In cat weight( about 8 kg), the vet said to put him on a diet.Our pet usually eats dry food Royal Canin reduced calorie, genuine food consumes only a little bit of finely chopped raw beef.Kitten Scottish Fold, recently neutered, age 4 years with little.

Question: for how many grams of dry food to give the cat to lose weight and be sure whether in this case to cancel the raw meat?

What are the canned food for cats neutered ?

sale is a dry food for cats and neutered cats, but in the form of canned food are not met.Prompt, if any .