What tools do a hole to install fence posts?

What shape should be a spade, or rather the blade?What is the size and shape of the stalk?of a timber?What additional tools to use "What secrets still there?

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, even the music was sometimes very cruel ?

According to some reports, the King of Spain Philip II was a very unusual musical instrument. He called "cat's harpsichord

He represents a long box, divided by partitions into fourteen sections. The compartments were placed pre-selected cats. Sampling consisted of " listening ". The animals stepped on their tails, and " customizer " height martyrs votes shall be distributed through the compartments. Head accidents protrude into the holes, and their tails were rigidly fixed under the keyboard.

How to fix a hammer ?

How to fix

, repair normal hammer when the handle broke loose, " hlyabaet " ?