What planting material for the cultivation of Araucaria ( cm) ?

heard that Araucaria difficult rooting .I wonder what planting for growing Araucaria preferable?

What do you feel when you cut down trees for parking ?

We had a tree, last year, grew with me, and the bush, I was so touched by it ...

Why in Ukraine produced more than wood particleboard?

Kinsya Where not all of the plywood and chipboard.Where goes the bulk of a good tree?

Where to buy plants in the suburbs.

Where in Moscow can be purchased seedlings, so this maple, as in the photo?

This maple of Japan nsky( Latin cer jap nicum.??) -? The kind of perennial woody plants of deciduous maple, native to Japan, on Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and in the southern part of Korea.We, too, must be cultivated.

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Is it time to start in the Kremlin to establish an artificial Christmas tree ?

grew currently Beauty 100 years, and then came what - the people and cut down .What I mean is that we should not even advertise.