What is the treatment of the energy of the trees ?

For example, treatment of stones - lithotherapy, smells treatment - aromatherapy, herbal treatments - herbal medicine and etc.What is called a generalized section bioenergy studying treatment with energy gain from the trees ?

Alternative fuels : what will you choose ?

Now there is a real "war" among inventors and scientists for the opportunity to find the " philosopher's stone " in the field of alternative energy. So what sort of fuel and can in the future to fully replace petroleum ?)

The house has ceased to grow flowers - why and what to do ?

There is a problem - one normal residential house lived a husband and wife and grandmother.And all was decorous razmerenno.I home grown potted plants - a man loves them very much.Then my grandmother died (old age).And after some time her husband left the wife. .. and that's bad luck - in the house ceased to live flowers. .. That is somewhat old still somehow "dosuschestvuyut", and new do not survive - and sprouts planted, and are donated,and buy - and that's dying -Different in size and appearance and the conditions of detention, they just zachahayut and die.It should be clarified: the flowers in the house had been until his wife, she said to him was quite cold, leaving the man is always engaged.No major events such as construction, pouring penoizol premises, etc.It was carried out.On the street (in the yard) grow all sorts of plants and trees, despite the fact that for them just one much cares.Is there any explanation for this process, and the main question - what to do to the house again had flowers?