North Korea and Japan!There is a conflict?

North Korea plans to one day from 10 to 22 December to launch a rocket with the satellite.Japan intends to soon place on the island of Okinawa and anti-aircraft missile complexes "Patriot»( PAC-3) in preparation for an emergency situation when scheduled for 10-22 December North Korea's rocket start with a scientific satellite! If you shoot down a missile, then it will take North Korea? start a war? and the date selected from the 10-22 of December( end of the world).

How to teach your child not to interfere with people?

How to teach a child not to interfere with their peers, and later with other people, so that when he was malleable and could not say "no" in certain situations? in fact happens is that children are not littering with anyone simply afraid of possible reactions apponenta and become amenable to to avoid it?

A quarrel with a friend for nothing. Why suddenly this happened ?What is the reason?

It can not be that such a trifle, like a game of cards large company, was the cause of the quarrel of the two girlfriends. They are more bound, they helped each other a lot. But suddenly a collective game, where little pokonfliktovali, figuring out who is right and who is wrong, has caused discord naipolneyshego. A demonstrative " turned its back " to his girlfriend and communication ceased.

Is it possible to resolve the conflict in Mukachevo in other ways ?

0 ASD ASD actions of the Ukrainian authorities are valid ?ASD ASD 1

The FC Spartak conflict?Why did the leaders put on the transfer list ?

on transfer exhibited Kombarova brothers, Glushakov, Movsisyan.

How to stop the family quarrels ?

Many families currently were in the ocean disasters.Never in human history, the number of divorces and loneliness do not reach such results.Conflicts occur in connection with the contradictions of life, but also on their own initiative.As soon as the couple moved to a new level - a marriage, it would need to learn to know each other in family life, to know the habits of each, to make concessions when it is necessary, to interact and to give up some things in other benefits.However, not all couples achieve positive results and if they occur between misunderstanding, conflicts and quarrels, and sometimes the scandals with the end result - divorce.