Why dream of the sea with raging waves and drowned ?

What can this dream : storm waves beating against the walls of the houses at the waterfront ... drowned ...

Prophetic dreams!Truth or lie?

true that dreams on Thursday come true ???

What is a dream which dreamed of a dead cat ?

It was something like cat's morgue, but each of them was lying on the window sill, a small matter with a tag with her name .

What is a pregnancy in a dream ?

Dream - that's what zatsyklelos in the brain during waking. This is true?or there is any - is another explanation ?dreamed something strange, if my girlfriend gave birth to a normal and I did obort. or something else just cut the stomach.but most of all it is strange that my friend. . 14 years and I 16. In the dream books write that " If a young woman sees in a dream, as if she is pregnant, it can prophesy trouble and dishonor " dream books but I do not believe anyone could stillor can uspkoit )

Often dreams former, why ?

Separated bad 3 years ago, a year ago tried to talk to her, and she was in tears, shouted " Disappear from my life, I hate you."

Now it is almost forgotten. I communicate with other girls. But almost always I dream about that which really offended me for my " indifference " by the way she did not find anyone.

I just want to start a new life with a new sheet, but too frequent dreams about it I do not give a rest already