Why are most of the time, took the news broadcasting news about Oscar?

Yesterday decided to look at the news first.I am an hundred years have not looked.One piece of news about how the man dropped a lump of ice, and he was killed - took literally a minute, even second, about the earthquake in Tuva - also for a minute.Another news - about our sanochnitsa - half a minute, the news about Forgiveness Sunday - polminuty..Vsё.The rest time of 5 minutes was probably the news about Oscar.

And how to understand this?In a vast country, where at one end of the morning, and the other has the night - there are only 4 news?And then, about which we can say nothing rasskazali..obschie phrase.

Gone digital channels on the Smart TV, what to do?

I enter in the settings of the frequency, which gave provider ( published online ), TV finds nothing .

Why a large number of TV programs about cooking ?


on TV there was such a large number of programs about cooking ?It seems that they have nothing else to show.

What kind of music from TV advertising you furious ?Why?

What commercials can you call it, the sound track which is annoying.

What it is annoying?