Duplicity in US policy or a war in the media( see)?

Introduction Russia against the United States, the EU, economic sanctions, weakening its economy.

MOSCOW, February 11 - RIA Novosti.

The weakening of the Russian economy would be negatively reflected in the US itself, he said in an interview with BuzzFeed, US President Barack Obama.

. .. He said, weak Russian economy is a threat to both countries. "It's bad for Russia, and eventually harm the United States, because if things go Russia does not matter, then there is a fear that they will return to the old ideas of expansion, which actually should not be in any case apply to 21-century, "- Obama said.

RIA Novosti http: //ria.ru/world/20150211/ 1047054893.html # ixzz3RQOi5ZiS

= Duplicity what is Obama.Previously, all the forces, chores, trying to weaken and now says it's bad for all

Britain and the United States announced sanctions RF perpetual?

US and British policies knowing that the inhabitants of the Crimea Russians will not be destroyed, so Russian sanctions announced indefinite.

This Cold War declared by Russia in the economy?

Although there are options for sharing the Crimean Ukraine and Russia, as a free economic zone.

Why when one neighbor does not get along with the entire house, with all its neighbors (see ) ... ?

all believe that the problem is just in it, rather than have bolshinstve.To he does something wrong, that it can not find a common language all the residents of the apartment doma.Tak Why then believe that everything in the Circle vinovaty-America, Europe, and Russia all so white and pushistaya.No can also be such that it was tak.Po which all countries in the us united among themselves and go against Russia ?I'm not saying that Russia is to blame, but I think that all the currents, then something is to.Vashe opinion on the matter .

Do Ukrainians do not see the contradiction ?

Judge for yourself: they are for democracy and the European Union, the basis of which the freedom of man, freedom of speech, religious freedom, pluralism of opinion, tolerance, etc., but at the same time they support the Kiev authorities, shouting slogans from the stands, directly contrary to the principles of democracy...How can we maintain a frank and at the same time, nationalism, tolerance and democratic at the same time be of pluralism and at the same time wish the death of anyone who does not agree with the government's actions.Do they not understand?In my opinion, as if there Ukrainian media did not lie, but it is more than obvious contradiction.