On which site can be free to learn French ?

which site it is possible to make, meaning online ?

Why is the husband and wife are not constantly call each other by " name and patronymic ?"

And the truth !Lit Zoo, all there Seals, Fish, Guinea, bunny, muskrat, etc. !It's the humiliation of man!Wherever you look so alone Mumps Jerboa !Maybe if the couple will show respect to one another and sЁmyah will prevail peace and quiet, not eternal squabbles and vygryzanie brains to fascia ?Themselves think about it, so call your husband would be almost like for example ... Sigismund Parfirevich (I so only for example) so how he can be so respectful treatment after brain emptied ?

And how are things with the Russian language in Armenia?

Armenian is also very different from the Russian