The payroll score refrigerator. cm?

To be enough for a month? A husband and wife and five year old kid. limit 10000t?

What is the temperature in the refrigerator Atlanta?

At exhibiting mechanical regulator 6 and the ambient temperature( room) approx.24. At night, I put the controller 6, and in the morning found some products frozen in ice, afraid for medicine that should be kept from 2 to 15, even though it stood in the door of the refrigerator. Thank you!

Is it possible to replace the heat exchanger in the refrigerator itself ?

In the heat exchanger of the refrigerator

Lg g339ngls a crack .As a consequence - a leak of Freon .Is it possible the hole somehow something " close up " or have to look for a new heat exchanger ?And is there any commercially similar heat exchangers ?