Snot yellow jelly-like consistency, what is it?

Chronically stuffy nose, crooked septum. For several years, the daily use of funds from the common cold. Searing mucosa, all in vain, it swells the mucous, thereby allowing to fully breathe.Can this background there are such snot ?How to cope with such a problem as the mucous ?The partition is clear that the need to dub. ) Thank you!

Is it possible to make the nose even without surgery ?

How to fix crooked nose ( asymmetry ) without surgery ?Is this possible?

Is it possible to install a wardrobe instead of the wall ?


idea to divide the room with the wardrobe entrance door ?The width of the room 3 m, height 2.7. Is it possible?Maybe someone has already carried out similar?

Why do some demolishing walls in the apartment, while others build them ?

I was most surprised by the decision of the people in bathrooms walls. For example, the residents of " Khrushchev," they always erect, and residents of more modern house demolished. Why?