My grandmother was born and raised in Russia, I have the right to citizenship of the Russian Federation ?

My grandmother and my grandfather came from Russia, in the Soviet era went to Ukraine and then after the collapse of the USSR has accepted Ukrainian citizenship.Do I have the right to repatriation is now in Russia ?

Those who followed the European games?

who watched and watched these games, who organized them and why so quickly passed the training?Really want to replace the Olympic Games - European to exclude America and China, their struggle for primacy ?!

Hockey.Russia - Canada. What statistics meetings?

Hockey. Russia - Canada. What statistics meetings?

Why Putin has sent warships to the coast of Australia?

Why Putin sent Russian Navy ships to the shores of Australia?

Where can I find all the information about Russian cities?

need such a site, information portal, where you can find all the information at once on the cities of Russia : economic and social situation, description of the city, the standard of living, the cost of real estate, population, weather, the situation with employment, prices, etc. ..