How to clean the closet?

Yesterday I was in the room set the wardrobe, the board of which collected a wardrobe were very dusty, large closet, 4 meters wide and 2 meters high.His mouth wash inside and outside the door, which extends laterally as a coupe( such as doors 3) difficult to clean from the inside hand is not always lacking.How can we facilitate this business in the future?

What does Feng Shui of the mirrors in the bedroom ?

Can not decide to put a mirror in the closet, which is located in the bedroom or not.

Is it possible to install a wardrobe instead of the wall ?


idea to divide the room with the wardrobe entrance door ?The width of the room 3 m, height 2.7. Is it possible?Maybe someone has already carried out similar?

Wardrobe - where to find a suitable option in St. Petersburg ?

Narrow question - I understand that we have in the city a great choice.But his plans were disrupted with this crisis. Now either we will postpone the purchase, or can anyone here tell me where cheaper to order a wardrobe. I would like all the same home upgrades. But please, if someone would advise that, you would not want to affect the price of quality.Still want the furniture to get good.