For how many years can pass the exam in the SAI ?

I just once filled up the city after 3 months, almost 2 years did not go.Is it still possible to pass, and what is the validity of the documents from the driving school ?

What's New in obtaining the rights ?

heard that the exam rules have changed.But I do not understand exactly what has changed .Price, the absence of an instructor in the car at the time of the city, or something else?

How and who " sticks " / does not pass the exam in the SAI ?Who needs it ?

The mother's group, half of the students do not pass the city .Today, they met to talk and few people spoke about the same thing : the exam in the city appeared toned foreign car, which prevented them signals and cropped .As a result, people either did aback that something is not right, or the instructor pressed on the brake with the words : " You are creating an emergency situation, you do not pass ."The examination is recorded on the DVR - came up with a new way to give a bribe ?Type no one is brought down - you were not passed ?Who is involved ?

What to do if you can not come to the exam?

situation is this : the teachers said that the session will end as usual.I was going to leave after a session break .It now appears that at this time assigned multiple examinations.