Help with the name of the site to provide massage services at home ?

should be an interesting name .The site will be dedicated to massage at home .The name should motivate people.I am a nurse with a great experience .You can associate a name with it.

What are the ways to unleash their service( see.)?

Situation is this: suppose I provide hairdressing services( haircuts, coloring) or manicure( manicure nail) at home.How do I roll out all this?Advertising on the bulletin board on the Internet filed, but the announcement is constantly falling in the search, and the competition is great.What are the ways to advertise and promote their service?

Method earnings and consequences.What is the relationship?

How does the way of earnings, the final price of goods and services?

What a simple way to reduce or remove these extra charges?

Separation of the financial account - the essence of the procedure?

In our apartment a few shares, therefore, several owners. It is necessary to divide the financial account. Tell me, who is well-versed in the essence of the procedure and that it will be the result?