Women, men used to raise your feelings of self-esteem?

Just imagine, you're in love such as his friend, he knows this, and uses you for raising self-esteem.Although the like or is married or has a girlfriend.But you, too, he "holds", ieIt supports the feeling of love in you.

Modern woman crying?

On the one hand woman is thin and sensitive nature, which controls emotions and revels chuvstvami.Ne shy of his tears and tears of their not afraid

On the other hand, challenging the world and changing the foundations that make a woman to be strong and compress cams forto survive, forces the woman to swallow tears.

How often cries modern woman?Why?What ozhet cause her tears?

ZYDue stereopitov I can not afford to ask such a question to men.But if there are enough strong men who will be able to answer the question: What

can cause tears in the modern man, I would be very grateful for answers

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What is this feeling or sensation, similar to numbness ( cm) ?

I think many felt like.Previously not get enough sleep, or being on the nerves, you need to stretch properly.After that the body is doing everything itself. You fall into bed feeling nothing but being in mind.In the eyes of the dark, tactile sensations vanish if all numb, and of hearing gives failure. Then after a few seconds the whole body begins to crack after the numbness, and will barely barely the strength to rise. And his eyes will be " switched on " for a long time.

Why is it( see. Below)?

Here explain why this is so,

so that once it became clear to all:

Appetite always returns

But love goes away permanently