What are beauty treatments based on green tea for the face ?

Beauty treatments with green tea for the skin .What can be done and how to do ?

How to use the nicotinic acid in the home cosmetic procedures?

How to use niacin?

How and where to pour?

How to apply?

On how to apply?

The flush?

Is there any effect of using collagen cosmetic ?

interesting to know the opinion of those who have used collagen cosmetic ?

How to care for the tips of the mixed type of hair?

I think I have a mixed type of hair.Because the roots are fat faster than the tips .And even they are different colors .I am the tёmnenkaya .Roots chernyё and brown tips .And it is difficult to comb after washing the hair and do her hair too, but the tips of the harder .Please advise me the proper care of the hair ends .. )) And if it is possible for this type of hair ( mask and more something ))