Will there be a metro station in Moscow, " CSKA " and where will it be?

Surely there in Moscow metro station "Dinamo", "Spartacus."

Match Mordovia -. CSKA 09.20.15, what thoughts you have about the meeting (see ) ?

Match 9th round of Premier League Mordovia - CSKA Moscow ended with a score of 4 : 6. After one half of Mordovia was ahead 3 : 0, with one player more after the removal of M. Fernandez. In the second half the referee made ​​the call compositions CSKA scored 6 goals when a controversial game goalkeeper Mordovia N. Revishvili. This " dogovornyak " ?

Football.Chemp.Rossii .CSKA - "Locomotive" .8 round .09.21.14 .What is the prognosis ?


forecast the match CSKA - "Lokomotiv » in the championship of Russia on football ?

Which match was more interesting today?

Just looked round 2 match RPL- CSKA Moscow - Rostov and Volga Spartak. Both games ended with the same score 1-0 in favor of the Moscow clubs. Both games have seemed boring.And your vzglyad- a match was more interesting?