What's greetings at a distance of a romantic and gentle?

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I would like to congratulate the man from a distance with a holiday on 23 February.


Your suggestions?

Romance - a state of mind ?Why is it necessary?

his declining years there is little imagine the romance in a relationship, killed the romance in me, although I come to mind crazy ideas ... How to revive that there is " a sense of romanticism " ... ?

Before the wedding, romance, and a year after one monotony and frustration ?

There is a film " 6 days 7 nights " So there is a hero in the performance Harrrisona Ford says : " It is an island baby, romance need to bring with you !"A marriage that is where and what to bring ?Even on vacation need ULF separately, and not as some. .. for the year are bored with each other worse " bitter radish ", and this " radish " otzhyhat go !It's funny that, but scary and wildly immoral !

What's the best city (place) in Ukraine for a romantic trip ?

Perhaps you have been there, heard of such a place, read, someone told me. ..

Is romance is obligatory (see ) ?

And whether it is possible, at the experience of living together for more than 13 years?