How to build a nuclear reactor ?

Possible to make a working nuclear reactor itself ?Funds are not limited to, the limits of the resources there, do not talk like this: " It's not safe ! ", " We need big expenses ", " Why do you want this? ", Simply desirable in detail all the paint, or at least describe the general, it is necessary for himhow much time will be spent on it, what to do.

Uranus in the natal chart. What symbolizes Uranus in astrology ?

Uranus in astrology. Uranus in the natal human map.What symbolizes.General characteristics of this planet.

Uranus in the house VIII solar horoscope - value for ASTROPROGNOZ ?

VIII Uranus in the solar house of the horoscope - value for astrological forecast ?

What percentage of uranium was digested with the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima ?

whether the answer depends on the type of bomb - uranium or plutonium ( dropped on Nagasaki ) ?