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According to the charter of the Russian troops fighting the nineteenth century, during the attack Lancers front rank were ordered to act with peaks at the ready, and the second - keeping them vertikalno.V real situation, this requirement is not always proved worthwhile.So, during the Crimean War in the battle of Balaklava one officer witnessed such a picture: Lancers in the heat of battle for a long time chasing Englishman, trying to kill him, but was unable to do so.However, he did not even try to use a peak holding it vertically.After the fight, an officer asked him why he had not used a weapon and received a discouraging response

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Why was Mickey Rourke in a boxing match ?It's just a show?

What kind of a fight ?The opponent, Elliot Seymour younger Rourke twice, stronger and sturdier. What no, and boxer, unlike Rourke the actor, who was engaged in a deep box youth.What is it?Old bones requested honors ?But fame turned inflated. Or it seemed to me?

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How much and where to buy tickets for the boxing Klitschko - Jennings 04.25.2015 ?

What is the price, how much it cost and where to buy tickets for the boxing Wladimir Klitschko - Jennings 04.25.2015 ?