Met a black spider - unfortunately, a light - to what?

Met black spider - unfortunately, a light - to what?

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What is the feature Movil cave in Romania?

Movile cave, found by chance in 1986, is one of the most unique places on earth. What is the peculiarity of this cave ?

movile cave

What signs of the zodiac - Fauna of the world ?

Among the signs of the zodiac six - Fauna of the world ?

What fauna easiest way to engage in training ?


course many animals in the circus .But who is the exemplary student and faster than other grasps this science .I always thought it was a dog .But I could be wrong .Just maybe it's only apparent simplicity ?And much easier to work with the same lions or tigers, a much more dangerous because of their bloodlust ?Or, for instance birds take .Perhaps among them the most capable individuals live ?In general, I would like to find an authoritative opinion on the matter.Spasibo- )