How to teach your puppy to the diaper?

What age puppies understand what is expected of them?

How to keep your puppy in an apartment ?

Any advice to accustom to order

What should I do if the puppy does not want to eat?

Healthy, playful puppy - 2.5 months. He does not want to eat any special porridge or boiled eggs, or soups.From the bones of course does not give up, but all the time to feed the dog bones - is harmful and expensive. Already in the meal is mixed into all sorts of goodies - it is useless. Or maybe there is no appetite for worms ?

How to make the puppy to eat?

Worth buying a puppy growing company Fisher-Price ( cm) ?

Child 9.5 months, so that's worth buying this puppy ?Just not a cheap pleasure, your opinion about the puppy ?whether it is worth their money ?

How to make a dog puppy from the mastic ?

How can I make

dog , puppy from mastic to decorate cakes ?

How much does a puppy Alaskan Klee Kai ?

How much does a puppy

Alaska cus -kai ?