What kind of care, the content of Tradescantia ?

Tradescantia includes many different species.Produce oxygen and purify the air of germs .How can I keep Tradescantia ( zebriny ) that they would have pleased his views ?

How and why to use green basil?

Accustomed to the red basilica.And this year, too, bought the seeds of the red.But for some reason, I grew green with reddish-purple flowers.The smell of basil on the red does not look like, for us it somehow neprivychen.Vot found on the Internet.I have the same increased

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As the name of this flower( see photo)?

Very beautiful plant.He now has the first flowering stage.Then each of the boxes appear red earring.After a while the boxes will turn pink, then darken and become almost cherry.Almost all of the boxes are usually all opadayut.No wither and sometimes, when the flowers pollinate an insect, a box opens up and get another unusual flower.Rather, the fruit or fruits or seeds.In general, it is something unbelievable and very beautiful.I have it for more than 6 years, and I do not know the name.Yes, I forgot to write.the winter shed their leaves.

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What kind of plant calceolaria ?

Calceolaria .How does a plant, how to care for .If you can answer with a photo .

Is it time to start in the Kremlin to establish an artificial Christmas tree ?

grew currently Beauty 100 years, and then came what - the people and cut down .What I mean is that we should not even advertise.